Career counseling and outplacement for international executives

70-80% of positions are filled through targeted unsolicited applications and active sourcing.

Together with you, we develop a career strategy that is optimally tailored to you and provide you with effective support in implementing it.

There are basically three phases of counselling. These differ from each other in terms of time and content and, from experience, extend over a period of about four to six months in the case of a professional reorientation.

Analysis of the options

Where am I going?

An application should only be made when you know what you want. We analyse your potential and develop a map of your professional, methodical, social and personal competencies. Based on the EKS strategy developed by Prof. Wolfgang Mewes, we find out for which target groups you can best present yourself with which offer. In the case of internationally mobile dual-career pairs, we work with you to develop your transferable skills, i.e. the transferable skills that can be offered to an employer in the host country.

Marketing on your own behalf

How do I get into the conversation?

Together with you, we develop the most promising application methodology tailored to your situation - based on online and print advertisements, active job searches, your and our network of contacts as well as systematic networking, direct approaches, recruiters and executive search, target group short applications, current web-based recruiting and job search solutions as well as optimisation of self-presentation in social networks such as XING or LinkedIn.

The application documents are systematically optimised with regard to your specific range of services as well as the respective target group - in the case of international applications also in English. We explore the hidden job market - by researching company databases, using our network of contacts or by directly approaching employers if clients in C-level or exposed positions wish to remain anonymous in the first step.

Interview and decision

How do I master the final?

You will learn to successfully communicate your own experiences and successes as well as your specific competence in an interview with a potential employer - supported by video or zoom feedback. Your self-confidence and authenticity for the hiring interview will be noticeably increased as a result. Often, a challenge that should not be underestimated is choosing the right one from various offers and options. We support you in this process through intensive sparring and thus increase your decision-making confidence with regard to the new positions.

We will also review your employment contract and the salary offered together with you - together with advice on possible changes and beneficial improvements. Particularly in the case of contracts for managing directors, we always recommend an additional legal review by a specialist lawyer for employment law. In addition, during the first three months in your new position, we will systematically prepare you for your new task by means of personal coaching and will support you during your induction.

Intercultural preparation

With regard to an optimal preparation for the target country, we offer our clients with Culture #Compact a very compact and effective intercultural training with experts from the culture of the target country, which makes the professional and private new start much easier for you and your family. The content and focus of the training is agreed with you in advance and we use a mixture of presentations, case studies, videos and role plays to achieve the highest possible learning success.


Fee overview

For twenty years we have known the German and international market in the areas of career consulting and outplacement. We therefore know what is important for our clients.


Within the framework of a preliminary discussion of about 30 minutes, we offer you the possibility to inform yourself free of charge and without obligation - with regard to contents, methods and possibilities.


We offer you full transparency on our payment terms and fees right from the start.


In our view, programs offered by classic outplacement providers are often unnecessarily extensive and expensive - especially in the area of upper management. With our compact and effective program design, we can achieve excellent results at far lower costs.


With our program Placement #Secure we offer you the possibility of a guarantee model. The full price is only payable once you have found a new professional position.

Career #Compact

Four hours of individual counselling over a period of two months

890 €

Career #Premium

Ten hours of individual counselling over a period of four months

1.950 €

Placement #Standard

Eighteen hours of individual counselling over a period of six months

3.250 €

Placement #Secure

Unlimited consulting over a period of twelve months - with job guarantee!

On request

Culture #Compact

Two hours of intercultural training

890 €

All prices are exclusive of the statutory value added tax. All costs can be claimed in full for tax purposes.