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Specialists and managers

Successful new start - even with 50plus

According to a recent study by McKinsey, the likelihood of employees leaving their company in the next three to six months is forty per cent - with eighteen per cent of respondents indicating that their intentions range from likely to almost certain. Interestingly, these results hold true for all of the countries surveyed worldwide and also across industries. The global labour market is thus on the move - and this trend is set to continue.

Benefit from this high dynamic and open up new development perspectives for yourself - nationally and internationally

Increase your chances by pro-actively contacting your desired company - through targeted speculative applications adapted to the needs of the addressee.

Start now with the right career strategy - even with 50plus

For twenty years we have been familiar with the German and international market in the areas of career counselling and outplacement and during this time we have successfully helped a large number of executives as well as highly qualified experts to develop and implement an optimal career strategy - also on an international level.


Within the framework of our career and placement programmes, we take into account that 70-80% of positions are now filled via targeted unsolicited applications.


Our consultants are highly qualified and have extensive professional and management experience.


We offer you clear transparency with regard to content, methods, options and fees right from the start.


We work with local advisors on a global level and have excellent networks.

Voices of our clients

Thank you again for the really good outplacement advice! You were a valuable discussion partner for me during this not always easy time. As far as I can tell so far, my new position is almost one hundred percent in line with my ideal expectations.
Oliver K., Business Unit Manager
The presentation of my resume has become simply excellent. Super-structured and all the important points come across well! And the tip with the picture has also not hurt;-).
Thomas P., Director Engineering
I found a really great job and am incredibly happy about it! I was able to use many of the things you taught me during our consultation in the interview. Above all, I got self-confidence from our talks and for everything I am very grateful. 
Nora F., scientist 

Dr. Winfried Guba

"Both in Europe and in Silicon Valley, I got to know the specific situation of executives from different perspectives and am therefore intensively familiar with the career-relevant mechanisms in companies, also on an international level."